This Privacy Policy covers any personal information that Colorist Christophe Robin US, Inc. (“Christophe Robin”) obtains from you when you use services or make purchases on our website (“Website”). This policy explains how Christophe Robin collects, uses, discloses, retains and protects the personal information of its users within the framework of its activities, including in connection with the sale of products and use of the Website.

This policy does not cover the practices of companies that Christophe Robin does not own or control, or the actions of people that Christophe Robin does not employ or manage. Our Privacy Policy may change in the future. We invite you to check back periodically to see if we have made any changes. If we make any material changes, we will post a notice on our home page. By using this Website and by supplying personal information to Christophe Robin, you agree to the terms of our policy. For more information about the terms of use for this Website, please refer to the legal terms section.



The act of willingly providing personal information to Christophe Robin constitutes consent by you for Christophe Robin to collect, use and disclose such information in accordance with the terms and conditions of this policy.

Subject to legal or contractual requirements, you may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by writing to Christophe Robin, giving reasonable notice. However, the withdrawal of such consent could limit the capacity of Christophe Robin to offer certain specific products and services to you, prevent Christophe Robin from providing same or even force Christophe Robin to cease from providing same to you. Moreover, even in case of withdrawal of consent, Christophe Robin may nevertheless by law have the right or obligation to retain, use or disclose personal information about you.


What personal information is collected

Depending on how you use the Christophe Robin Website or your other engagement with Christophe Robin, we may ask you to share personal information with us. Whether you choose to give Christophe Robin information is completely up to you, but keep in mind that if you withhold information, you may not be able to use some of our services or purchase some products.


When personal information is collected

Christophe Robin will ask you for information, including some personal information, if you use one of several services:
becoming a registered user In order to register, you need to share some personal information, such as your name and e-mail address. You do not have to be a registered member to visit the Website.
making a purchase When you buy something on the Website, you have to supply a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and credit or debit card information. By making a purchase, you can become a registered user of the Website and you store information needed to make a purchase, such as your shipping and billing addresses in your account. You can also checkout as a guest, which means that none of your information will be stored on our Website.
sweepstakes, contests and surveys If you enter a sweepstake or contest, or answer a survey, you will become a registered user (if you aren't one already). We may also ask you for some demographic information, such as your age. If you choose not to answer, you probably will not be able to participate in the sweepstakes, contest or survey.


How Christophe Robin protects your personal information

We realize that our customers trust us to protect their personal information. We take that task seriously. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. For example:
- We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") authentication to guarantee the confidentiality of online transactions made on our Website. SSL authentication and encryption of the information that you send to us over the Internet help protect your online transaction information from third party interception.
- We never display your full credit or debit card number once it has been entered. We will only reveal the last four digits of your card for verification purposes.
- We urge you to protect your own privacy. We recommend that you do not share your password with anyone or share your password in an unsolicited phone call or email.


How Christophe Robin uses your personal information

Christophe Robin may collect and use personal information for the following purposes:

a) Provide products, services or information requested by you;
b) Communicate with you as part of the activities of Christophe Robin, for internal quality assurance purposes or to manage the quality of the information provided;
c) Detect and prevent fraud;
d) For statistical and accounting purposes;
e) Inform you of news, updates, information and special offers concerning products and services of Christophe Robin, in accordance with anti-spam legislation, as applicable;
f) If Christophe Robin has reasonable grounds to believe that it might be useful as part of the investigation of a violation of applicable law or to ensure the protection or defense of a legal interest;
g) As required or permitted by law.


How to avoid receiving newsletters and other Christophe Robin materials

We use email addresses to send out newsletters and other announcements with information about Christophe Robin's new products, promotions and special features. When you register, you can choose to receive these announcements by opting-in of delivery, and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you receive an e-mail and want to avoid further messages, look at the end of the email for instructions on how to remove yourself from the mailing list. You can also edit your email preferences on the Christophe Robin in My Account section. Note that even if you opt out of receiving messages from Christophe Robin, we may still communicate with you to fulfill an order, or as otherwise permitted by law.


Who views your personal information

Christophe Robin agrees not to publish, sell, rent or share your personal information with anyone except to the extent allowed in this policy.

Only authorized Christophe Robin personnel have access to your personal information. These employees have been informed by Christophe Robin of their obligation to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information. Christophe Robin employees who have access to your personal information may use it only in accordance with the principles set out in this policy and the applicable legislation.

Christophe Robin will disclose or transfer personal information about you to third parties only in the following situations:

a) You have expressly authorized Christophe Robin to disclose the personal information provided for a specific purpose;
b) The third parties involved are acting on behalf of Christophe Robin as agents or suppliers of products or services (such as fulfilling orders, delivering packages, sending postal mails and emails, analyzing customer data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, investigating fraudulent activity, conducting customer surveys, and providing customer service), and the personal information will be disclosed to them only in order to assist Christophe Robin in providing products or services, it being understood that these third parties shall respect contractual conditions that oblige them to maintain the confidentiality of all personal information and use it only for purposes related to the supply of products or services by Christophe Robin;
c) If a person is acting as your representative or if Christophe Robin reasonably believes that the person is acting pursuant to an appropriate authorization (for example as tutor, holder of parental authority, etc.), or is a person who owns a product or service jointly with you;
d) In accordance with the conditions applicable to a product or service of Christophe Robin, to facilitate the sale of the product or the provision of the service, including to satisfy legal requirements;
e) If Christophe Robin is required to provide personal information in response to a legitimate court order, subpoena to submit documents or investigation by authorities or is otherwise required by law;
f) Christophe Robin reserves the right to report to law enforcement authorities any activity that Christophe Robin thinks in good faith to be illegal;
g) Christophe Robin may disclose certain personal information when it considers such disclosure reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of third parties as well as those of Christophe Robin or to ensure your compliance with your obligation in regards to Christophe Robin;
h) Should Christophe Robin sell its business or assets, in whole or in part, or is involved in a merger, as required by such a transaction;
i) As otherwise permitted by the applicable law.

Personal information may be stored in the offices of Christophe Robin or in various computer systems of Christophe Robin or its service suppliers or in storage installations of Christophe Robin or its service suppliers, in the United States or outside the United States.

The Website is hosted in the United States. In order to communicate with you, the data that we collect from you may be transferred to, stored, used and processed by Christophe Robin in the United States or one of our service providers based in the United States or outside the United States. Your personal information may therefore be subject to the laws of the United States.


Making a purchase

When you buy something on the Website, you have to supply a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and credit or debit card information. By making a purchase, you can become a registered user of the Website. You can choose to store information needed to make a purchase, such as your shipping and billing addresses in My Account.


Children under 13

You can look at our Website, but you cannot make a purchase. You also cannot become a registered user, or use any service that asks for personal information. Our Website is not designed for children. We do not wish to collect personal information from children under 13. This policy is designed to protect children. Applicable law requires us to take special steps to safeguard children's privacy. If you register with us and we discover that you are under 13, we will delete your registration. We will send you a message if we do this. If you are under 13 and want to make a purchase, please ask a legal or parental guardian to place the order for you.


Retention of personal information

Christophe Robin retains the personal information it collects as long as it is necessary to conduct its activities and accomplish specific goals while it is reasonable to do so for customer service, legal or commercial purposes. The length of retention period depends on the product or services and the nature of this information. When the retention period expires, the information is destroyed, deleted or made anonymous.


Access to and modification of personal Information

You may access your own personal information in order to consult, update or correct such, by contacting Christophe Robin in writing by email or regular mail.

Any such request must contain sufficient details for Christophe Robin to be able to process same. Christophe Robin agrees to respond to any such request within a reasonable period of time, and to the extent possible, within a maximum of thirty (30) days. Christophe Robin must however first verify the identity of the person making such a request.

Christophe Robin may refuse in writing access to or modification of personal information for serious reasons, such as the exorbitant cost of supplying the information, the fact that the personal information contains information about other persons, the existence of legal, security or proprietary commercial reasons and the fact that the information is protected by professional secrecy, attorney-client privilege, or involved in a legal proceeding.

Christophe Robin may charge reasonable fees for the transcription, copying or transmission of personal information and will so advise you in advance.


Online collection of information

As part of the operation of its Website, Christophe Robin may collect additional information about you and your use of the Website, and this policy applies to this online information with the appropriate adjustments.

For the purposes of this policy, online information means information such as the name of the Internet domain (e.g. “”) and the Internet protocol address (IP address) used to access the Website, the date and time of the visit, the pages visited, the browser type and version or the operating system used, as well as the previous and subsequent website accessed. General information, such as demographic statistics on users, the number of visitors and the average usage time of the Website are also considered online information.

Christophe Robin collects or obtains online information as part of the operation of its Website. For example, when you choose to visit the Website, web servers may automatically collect online information provided via your browser or stored as “cookies” or other analytical tools or digital markers.

In addition to what is already provided in this policy in regards to personal information, Christophe Robin may use online information to track the use of its Website and improve its use, customize the experience of the users, in particular by proposing customized advertisements and offers, make statistical analyses of all the characteristics and behaviours of users, measure the demographic variables and interests of users with respect to specific services, describe its services to third parties and potential commercial partners and determine how and where Christophe Robin resources can be allocated more effectively. No personal information is disclosed as part of such activities.

This online information is necessary for Christophe Robin to be able to collect the data required to record the number of users, the pages most frequently consulted, the technology used by users, link selection and users’ place of origin.

Cookies are fragments of information sent to users’ computer when a website is viewed. These are traces of the users’ visit that are recorded either temporarily or permanently on their hard drive and may include the date and time of the last visit, among other things. Cookies contribute to improving users’ online experience by recording browsing preferences on a particular website.

Cookies left on your hard drive are harmless and may be read or deleted at any time. You therefore have complete control over them. The information allows Christophe Robin to determine the total number of visitors to each web page and the time spent on it. Every time you go to a website, a cookie is created and left on your computer, therefore allowing Christophe Robin to “recognize” you.

Many major websites use cookies, and most browsers are configured to allow cookies. You may choose to change your browser settings so that a message is automatically sent to ask whether to accept or refuse cookies. While you are not required to accept cookies, you should be aware that certain website functionalities may not work properly if cookies are refused.

The Website may also contain electronic images that are known as invisible pixels (a “web beacon”), allowing Christophe Robin to count the number of people that have visited certain web pages. Invisible pixels are not used to access personal information. They are more of a technical method for allowing aggregate statistics to be compiled on the use of a website. Invisible pixels only collect limited data, such as cookie numbers, the date and time that a web page has been accessed and a description of the web page that the invisible pixel is found on. The Website can also include invisible pixels placed by partner advertisers or suppliers of web analytics services in order to help Christophe Robin to evaluate the efficiency of certain promotion or Internet sponsorships.

The Website may also use retargeting services to identify users who have visited the Website and reach them with online advertising once they have stopped visiting the Website, in order to transmit advertisements associated with prior use of the Website, without however disclosing any personal information in doing so.


Questions about this policy

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or the content or practices of our Website, or wish to change or update data we hold about you, you can contact Christophe Robin through the Website or directly at or

Christophe Robin
291 Broadway, Suite 804
New York, NY 10007