Online orders


  • How long will my order take to ship?
    • Orders usually can take up to 48 hours to process. Once they are shipped, Ground shipping is usually between 2-7 days. Express shipping is within 2 days.


  • How do I change or cancel my order?
    • Please contact us within 24 hours at to request a cancellation. If the order has not yet been processed, your credit card will not be charged. If the order has been processed, fulfilled and shipped, you will have to refer to our return policy.


  • Do you accept returns?
    • Yes, we do accept returns within 14 days, however, we do not provide return labels. For more information about returns you can refer to our return policy.


  • My order arrived damaged, what should I do?
    • If your package was damaged during shipment by the carrier, save the box and merchandise and notify us immediately at Please include a picture and your order number for faster service


Where to buy


  • Where can I purchase the products?
    • Please check our store locator for the closest location to you.


  • Where can I find samples?
    • We offer free samples with every purchase. You can choose up to 2 free samples when checking out, and can get a deluxe sample when purchasing 3 products.
    • If you would like to sample the products before purchasing, please check our store locator for the nearest store that would be able to provide samples.


The products


  • Where are the Christophe Robin products made?
    • The brand was born in Paris, in 1999 - this is where the products are developed, and then produced in Italy.


  • Are the products color safe?
    • All the products from the line are suitable for color-treated hair.
      Christophe Robin, a-list colorist, has spent over 30 years working with actresses and models from all over the world. His experience coloring and transforming hair throughout the years, allowed him to observe the specific needs of processed and damaged hair. In 1999, he decided to share his expertise and create his own line of haircare products designed to nourish, strengthen and protect natural, color-treated and chemically processed hair.


  • Are they tested on animals?
    • No, Christophe Robin products are not tested on animals in accordance with European regulations in place


  • Are the products vegan?
    • Most of our products are vegan. As a company, we make sure to limit the use of animal-derived ingredients and to source our ingredients in the most ethical way.
      • The only products that are not vegan:
        • Color fixator wheat germ mask (contains honey)
        • Shade variation mask golden blonde (contains honey)
        • Intense regenerating balm (contains beeswax)
        • Hairbrushes (made with natural boar bristles)


  • Are the products gluten-free?
    • Our products are not tested for gluten, however, if you have a severe gluten intolerance, we recommend consulting your primary care doctor as we cannot certify all our products are gluten-free. We would recommend staying away from the Color fixator wheat germ shampoo and mask, as well as the Temporary color gels.


  • Are the product packagings recyclable?
    • We work with the manufacturing company Eco-emballage/Citéo in order to be able to recycle our bottles and containers. We also do our best to avoid unnecessary packaging to limit our environmental impact.


The Parisian salon


  • What is the pricing for services at the Christophe Robin salon in Paris?
    • To find our price list, please click here.


  • I would like to book an appointment at the Christophe Robin salon in Paris?
    • You can book your appointments directly with the salon by sending them an e-mail at or calling +33 1 40 20 02 83.