Summer hair care tips by Christophe Robin

During the summer time, your hair is much more exposed that during the rest of the year. The sun, the sea and swimming pools... usually result in dry and color-faded hair, prone to breakage.

This is why I am sharing my tips for you to have the most beautiful and protected locks all summer long!

summer braids

  1. Prepare your hair with a good trim. Sun and salt have a tendency to aggravate split-ends, so you might end up having to cut off more length by the end of summer!

  1. Don't get your color done! If you need a color touch-up try doing it 2-3 weeks before.
Why? Because during a color process, the colorist oxidizes the hair by lifting the hair cuticle, the hair becomes more porous, hence more fragile and sensitive to aggressions. For brunettes, this means your color might turn brassy more easily, for blondes it'll go towards more golden tones.
The trick: For blondes or chestnuts, maintain those blonde tones for the summer by asking your colorist to add a few shades. For brunettes, it's important to wear a hat and hydrate your hair to preserve the color!
  1. Protect your hair with an SPF. Same thing as for your skin, to limit the damage, apply an SPF to your hair before going swimming, it will protect the color and deeply nourish your hair.

My moisturizing hair oil with lavender was created specifically to protect color-treated hair and prevent hair breakage.


  1. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. The best and most gentle way to wash your hair this summer (and throughout the year, really) is with a conditioning shampoo, also known as, low-poo. With the sun, salt and chlorine, your hair is very fragile, hence it's important to avoid stripping your hair anymore and to wash it with a gentle formula. My cleansing mask with lemon, a low-shampoo was one of the first products I created over 20 years ago, it will gently cleanse, deeply nourish and lock in color!


  1. Air dry. Give your hair a break from styling tools and products which contain alcohol, instead use a plant oil, a balm to define curls or even a little bit of my moisturizing hair cream. It'll nourish and protect your hair, all the while making it look healthy and beachy.


  1. Mask once a week. To repair and deeply nourish hair that has been damaged by the sun and feels very rough and dry.
  1. Your hair has shades of green? Chlorine has a tendency to turn lighter hair colors to green, to prevent that apply a plant oil (like my moisturizing hair oil with lavender, it should really follow you all summer!) before going for a swim. If it's already too late, crush two aspirins and add it to the regular amount of shampoo you would typically use. Mix it well and spread the mixture onto wet hair as if you were washing normally. The green should disappear and you can rinse out your shampoo as normal. Regular aspirin contains salicylic acid, the chemical typically used in face washes. When used on the hair, it counteracts the alkalinity of the chlorine to neutralize the green quickly and easily.


  1. Rinse your hair after swimming. Make sure you rinse off your hair with fresh water after swimming in the ocean or the pool. My vinegar lotions, or even a homemade one is a great option to remove chlorine residues and avoid drying out your hair and skin.


  1. Gently detangle your hair after swimming. My hydrating aloe vera mist is a great option to help detangle your hair all the while avoiding hair breakage, use a boar-bristle brush and gently brush starting with your ends and working your way to the roots.


  1. Enjoy your summer. And don't forget to wear a hat!

moisturizing hair oil with lavender and cleansing mask with lemon