Tips & tricks on how to best use my hairbrushes

Tip #1 : Brushing Guidelines to avoid damaged hair:

#1 Always avoid brushing your wet hair, as they are heavier, they become more fragile and prone to breakage.

#2  Start by brushing your ends first and little by little brush up towards your roots, this gentle technique will protect your hair from breakage.

#3 Regularly wash your hairbrush with a gentle shampoo to eliminate the residues from styling products and natural oils from your hair.  Let the brush dry naturally and avoid letting it sit in water!

Detangling hairbrush

Tip #2 : How-to achieve a wavy blowout without damaging your hair :

Start by flipping your hair forward before you begin blow drying, the fact that you quickly dry them like that will give a little bit of extra volume.

Next, take your strands one by one and roll them around the brush starting from your ends towards your roots. Heat it with your blowdryer, always vertically, then wait a few seconds for it to cool down. Delicately take your strand out of the roll before proceeding to the rest of your hair.  Finally, flip your hair forward and gently play with your curls to loosen them a little bit.

The size of your curls will depend on the size of the brush you will use. For smaller curls, use the blowdry hairbrush with 10 rows, for bigger and looser curls, use the blowdry hairbrush with 12 rows.

Extra tip: Always make sure your blowdryer is pointed down to avoid "burning your hair".

Blowdry hairbrush